Our ski and bike techs can get your new gear ready and make your old gear feel like new too.  We want your equipment to fit you and work for you so you can have the best time in Summit County as possible.


"I love Recycled Sports, I buy all my kids ski clothes there. - Steve & Mary


Steve has over 35 years of ski/snowboard repair, bike repair and sales experience.  He has a lifetime of knowledge ready for you on skiing, snowboarding, bikes, racing, and triathlons for the beginners to the experts.  Staying in tune with the latest and greatest equipment is his job and he loves it.  Steve loves to help people get the right fit and the help find the right equipment for your next adventure.  If you are looking for someone to help you and make you feel like a person and not a number Steve at Recycle Sports is the man for you.


Janet’s cheery disposition and welcoming smile is who you will see when you enter Recycle Sports.  Her organization and keen eyes are the glue that holds Recycle Sports together.  Janet will help you with inventory your gear for sale, help you find that piece of equipment you are looking for, and make sure your day looks a little brighter then it was before.


Neal is dynamic and adventuresome and can certainly help you find the equipment you need for your next BIG Adventure.  Neal is up on the trends and what is needed to go big or go home.  Style and flare can be found when working with Neal and it is definitely a breath of fresh air.